If you’re planning a Sweet 16 or a Bar Mitzvah or other spectacular party, you already know that trends for these parties seem to change yearly, and you want everything to be perfect. One of the latest trends in parties is offering an exit station — one last treat or gift for your guests — before they leave. You can think of it as a final chance to wow your guests. Here’s a look at some of the most popular exit stations for private events.



After a couple of hours of dancing, your guests will appreciate a good sugar buzz. You can set up a donut exit station that allows guests to choose their own flavors and box them or offer them already boxed donuts. Krispy Kreme can cater a small box of donuts with two treats per box. If you want to add a little something extra, you can offer individual containers of white and chocolate milk.


Hangover Kits

If you’re hosting a company party or birthday party for an adult and plan to have an open bar, then hangover kits make a great exit station. Use a small basket or other container and fill it with individually packaged Advil, Pepto Bismol, crackers, a protein bar, bottle of water, Visine, mouthwash, gum and mints. It’s everything someone might need the next morning after your fabulous party.


Boxed Meal

As a final goodbye and way to cap off an evening of fun, your exit station can be a boxed meal. For teens and kids, you might consider designing a box that resembles a happy meal. Inside the boxed meal, you can put in a couple of sliders and French fries or make it a healthy snack with fresh fruit and a container of yogurt. After a party, many guests stop on the way home for a quick bite, and this exit station sends them home full and happy.



Up on their feet visiting with other guests and dancing to the beat, your guests’ feet are pretty sore at the end of the evening. You can give them a little comfort and pampering at the exit station. Set out a variety of warm, comfy slippers, including bunny slippers, plain slip-on, and bootie styles. It’s a good idea to provide an assortment of colors and sizes so each guest finds a pair that will help their tired feet rejuvenate on the ride home.



Who doesn’t love candy? Whether it’s chocolate covered nuts, caramel, or sour candies that make your lips pucker, everyone loves to find a candy bar as an exit station. You can design this exit station to look like a candy store filled with glass jars, scoops, and individually packaged candies. There are many options for guests to store their selected candies, such as bags, Chinese take-out cartons, boxes, and tins. It’s a gift that they can enjoy long after the party is over.


Milk and Cookies

There is not an age limit on loving milk and cookies. After warm soup and mac and cheese, it’s probably your favorite comfort food. As your exit station, you can send your friends home with a bag of warm cookies and an individual jug of milk to munch on the way home. You can offer a variety of flavors, including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and peanut butter cookies.
A lot goes into planning the perfect party from guests lists to menus but it’s also a lot of fun. When it comes to exit stations, you can choose one that on trend or let your imagination soar to create one that reflects the person you’re throwing the party for. Ready to envision this for your event?It’s just a click away.