A fantastic way of showing your loved ones how important they are to you is by hosting a dinner party. And what time is perfect for doing this than the holiday season? (This is also another way of creating an excuse to showcase all your decorations!) Luckily, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks that will create memories to be treasured for the coming many years. Let’s make you the holiday hostess


Get Ahead of the Game

Here is a good trick! Prepare all your food just before your dinner party. This is a great way of creating enough time to mingle with your guests instead of rushing in and out of the kitchen all night. You’ll only have to heat and serve when the D-day finally arrives.
For great appetizers, we recommend that you prepare chilled vegetables. They are quick, mouthwatering, and easy to execute.


A Grand Entrance

Make a long-lasting impression. Set the evening tone by welcoming your visitors with mixed signature cocktails or a buffet table loaded with champagne glasses or with a bar cart. This will help set a perfect party atmosphere just from the get-go.
We cherish the idea of having spirits and wines set ready for serving immediately the guests arrive. Another great choice is having a cheese board, readied with fresh grapes and fine crackers. This is the perfect way of filling an instant cheer to your guests.


Time to Make a Mood

Have you ever dreamed of putting all your effort into a party just to make it stand out? Well, this is the best opportunity for you! Whether you decide to go for black and yellow throughout your house or you settle for something unanticipated, don’t limit yourself.
Decorate all the rooms with baubles, twinkle lights, garlands, and more. Create a glowing tone all over your house without using fire hazards; get flameless candles, and place them all over (we mean it, there are never too many candles for a dinner party).
If you have any precious treasures stored in your cedar chest, bring them out. We’re talking crystal goblets, fine china, heirloom silver, and monogrammed linens. This is the perfect time to let them shine. Also, remember to set your ultimate playlist to bring that party mood.


An Artful Arrangement

Make your dinner party look festive. After setting up your table (hint: we suggest anything with gold), come up with place cards for every guest, then beautify the table’s center with an attractive and unique arrangement. The dining table is everything in a dinner party, and its heart is the centerpiece. But don’t spend a lot on the decorations, instead, opt for inexpensive items. We love sprigs of lifelike berries and faux pines mixed with extraordinary bright poppies for a spin on beautiful holiday colors.


The Chef’s Table

The chef’s table is an exquisite setting for dinner parties. We recommend that you serve your signature dish in the main menu – that one dish that you’ve been perfecting for many years. Save yourself from the stress of trying to come up with something new that might even come out not as expected.
If you really want to experiment on it, then you can save it for dessert. And just in case it doesn’t turn out well, you can decide not to serve it and instead opt for great cookies from the bakery.


Giving Thanks

It is the gifting moment – the moment to appreciate your loved ones with tokens of love. Most guests’ welcome party favors, and getting them thoughtful ornaments or luxury candles is a great way to end the dinner party. This is a profound appreciation of coming together for the holiday celebration.
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