Every event needs an award-winning theme, right?

Your catering event doesn’t need to be boring and plain. You can spice it up with a theme that will make the night unforgettable.

Are your creative juices not getting you anywhere? Read on for 10 epic catering themes to have at your next events!

Why Are Themes For Events Important?

You may be thinking:

“Why do I need a theme? Why can’t I just put up whatever decorations I want and serve whatever food looks good?”

Themes ensure that your catering event has one overall cohesive train of thought. It brings all the elements of your party together to create harmony instead of chaos. It gives you something to strive towards and build upon, rather than just shooting ideas out left and right.

While themes aren’t a requirement to host a great dinner party, it’s something to consider if you are looking for your event to really be a hit.

Themes also are great hits no matter what age you are targeting. This means your family celebrations will always be enhanced. Your grandparents down to your youngest child will all have a grand time.

Picking a theme can be tricky, but in the long run, it’s worth it! It will give your party the extra touch it needs to be special and memorable. The last thing you want is to plan parties that will be forgotten about by the next day.

1. Holiday Hype

Everyone loves the holidays, right? So why not give them a taste of their favorite holidays with a holiday-themed catering event.

Bring Thanksgiving or Christmas a few months early and deck that table out with all your holiday favorite foods.

2. Blast From The Past

Are you catering to an older crowd? Maybe choosing a blast from the past theme could be the hit you are looking for!

Whether you choose the 90s, 80s, 70s, people are bound to be hooked into traveling back to their younger days.

We can help you create the perfect catering menu for your event. Let’s bring back all those good memories from simpler times!

3. Pajama Party

If you’re targeting a younger crowd, a pajama party theme could be just the thing! Stocked with comfort food galore, this theme is a sure-fire way of being a hit to the Gen Z crowd.

What’s better than spending a night in your pajamas? Eating breakfast for dinner.

You can choose to cater breakfast at your event and give your guests the illusion that they are at the pajama party of their dreams.

4. Mexican Fiesta

What’s better than a Mexican Fiesta?

If you are a Mexican food fanatic, choosing a fiesta theme for your catering event could be a dream come true.

By building a taco bar set with all your Mexican favorites, your guests will have no choice but to enjoy themselves. On top of that, you can get the parties started with some traditional fiesta music!

5. Game On!

Are you looking to celebrate after a successful ball game? A sports-themed catering event could be just the way to do that.

We can help you stack your table with traditional sports food, like pretzels, churros, finger foods, and more.

Do a little something extra for all the hard work your team put into the game season.

6. Luau Dinner

You can make your dinner look classy and functional at the same time with a Hawaiian Luau. Let the simple decorations do the work and the Hawaiian food favorites fill up the table.

A Luau is a fun and simple theme for your dinner, especially if you are running on a tight budget. It also gives you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and make fun Hawaiian activities for your guests.

7. Pizza Party

Pizza is a worldwide favorite and can come in so many different options. This is an easy choice for a catering theme and can satisfy each one of your guests.

This is a good option if you have certain guests with allergies or vegan preferences. Pizza is very flexible to be made however you need it.

Are you looking to make the experience a bit more fun? You can even do a build-your-own-pizza party and let people choose what they want for their pizzas. This will make the experience not only tasty but fun too!

8. Bite-Sized Favorites

Get rid of the mess that may come with dinner parties and choose a bite-sized food theme. Mini burgers and hotdogs? Little desserts? Your table set-up will be chic and classy by presenting bite-sized foods.

The best part? The smaller the food, the more you can eat!

9. Around The World

You can take your guests on a journey by offering international favorites at your dinner.

Set your tables up with a little something from each culture. This is a great opportunity to be able to serve even the pickiest eaters. If you have a bit of everything, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

10. Under The Sea

A classic choice that is easy to replicate. Deck your tables out with all the seafood you can imagine. The possibilities are endless: poke bowls and sushi, salmon and lobster, shrimp and clams, and more!

This is a great choice for an aesthetically pleasing dinner that everyone will enjoy. Play some tropical music for an extra touch and let your guests dig in!

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