May 5 is so much more than another day of the week. It’s a chance to throw on a sombrero, drink margaritas, and embrace the Mexican holiday with more chips and salsa than you can dream of. There are plenty of ways to have an epic celebration, so don’t think you have to sit at home and read through everyone else’s exciting parties.

Idea 1: Fiesta Decor and Ambiance

Just as you’d decorate for any other holiday that you celebrate, décor and ambiance are important. One of the great things about Cinco de Mayo is that it’s all about bright colors. You can celebrate Mexican culture with festive banners, cacti on the tables, and even some backgrounds for people to take photos in front of. Add some more fun with some photo props such as sombreros, mustaches, and colorful skirts.

The ambiance can be taken to the next level with Mariachi music. If you’re not sure what kind of music to play, just do some research by visiting us at KPacho when there’s live music.

Idea 2: Mouthwatering Mexican Cuisine

A proper feast for Cinco de Mayo should include a wide array of Mexican dishes.

For some appetizers, consider:

  • Chips and salsa
  • Quesadillas
  • Nachos (like our deliciously decadent ropa vieja ones!)

Whether you’re looking to take the family out to dinner or you want to cater a Mexican feast for your own party, you’ll also want to consider some enticing main entrees.

Tacos and steak with chimichurri sauce are great options. You may also want to explore some of the more authentic options found in Mexico, such as what we have on our menu. A stop in during Happy Hour is a great opportunity to explore our fresh seafood, crispy calamari, pasta dishes, and more.

Idea 3: Creative Cocktail Creations

There’s a significant drink culture attached to the holiday, so you have all sorts of festive and flavorful cocktails to explore.

If you want something fruity, try a sangria (made with red or white wine).

Thinking about going authentic? Frozen or on-the-rocks margaritas are always a great option. With so many tequilas on the market, you can set up a DIY bar with silver, gold, and reposado tequilas, sweet & sour mix, agave syrup, and orange liqueur so guests can create their own margaritas.

You can combine the two for a “Sangarita,” too.

Need a few more ideas? You can always opt for a few Mexican beers, such as Corona, Dos Equis, and Pacifico. Otherwise, drift away from tequila and beer entirely and create fresh and fruity drinks that your guests will love.

Idea 4: Fun and Games, Fiesta Style

While eating and drinking, there are plenty of things you can do for a bit of fun. Especially if your celebration is going to span several hours, keep everyone busy with a bit of Mexican flair.

  • Set up a pinata (and fill it with candy, mini bottles of tequila, or something equally as exciting)
  • Play some music and have a salsa dancing competition
  • Sit everyone down for a game of loteria (it’s like Bingo, but with a Mexican theme. Print the cards from Pinterest)

Whatever you decide on, make it age-appropriate and FUN!

Idea 5: Fiesta Favors and Keepsakes

Planning a pub crawl to a few places on Cinco de Mayo? Throwing an epic party? Favors and keepsakes allow you to give something to all of your guests so they have a way to remember it all year after year.

Consider such things as maracas or sombreros. You can also get a bit crafty by making something personalized with names. This can include beaded necklaces with iconic designs, including the Mexican flag, tacos, Mexican wrestling masks, or even shot glasses to ensure that no one drinks out of the same glass as the tequila being passed around.

With so many ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, including decorations, amazing food, creative cocktails, and plenty of fun and games, you can make it as easy as you want to embrace the holiday.

KPacho has plenty of live music as well as a vibrant menu for you to explore in the restaurant or for catering your own Cinco celebration. Don’t forget to check out our Fiesta Siesta Repeat event on May 4 as a pre-game of sorts. We’ll have drink specials, live music, and more. It’ll definitely be the most happening place in Long Island, so let us help you make some incredible fiesta-oriented memories!