10 Foods to Best Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

10 Foods to Best Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If you’re a party planner and love to host events, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect occasion to whip out your best crockery and show off your catering/ hosting skills.

The traditional Mexican holiday that falls on May 5th each year commemorates the Battle of Puebla. The Mexican army defeated French adversaries during the Franco-Mexican War, and today, this achievement is known as Cinco de Mayo.

In today’s day and age, one of the best ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion is with traditional Mexican fare, parties, and family celebrations. Looking for foodie inspiration? Check out the rest of this blog for more.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These Party Catering Ideas

If you’re a lover of Mexican cuisine (who isn’t?), and want to do Cinco de Mayo real justice, here are a few traditional dishes to impress your guests.

The great thing about Mexican cuisine is that it’s fairly simple but packed with incredible flavor. So, it’s easy to prepare yourself and source ingredients for your dishes. Alternatively, there’s always Kpacho to take care of your event catering.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:



Is any Mexican-inspired Cinco de Mayo party complete without guacamole? Definitely not. This is a traditional dish we can thank the Aztecs for inventing.

Guacamole is one of the most simple dishes to recreate yourself. Forget about pre-made, store-bought versions. All you need is a few ripe avocados, onions/scallions, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Don’t forget to serve with toasted tortilla chips

Shrimp Ceviche

If you want to add a little Latin-American inspiration to your meal selection, ceviche is a great option. It’s a dish you can prepare well in advance and goes down a treat as a snack option, along with your guacamole.

Shrimp ceviche is super simple to make and includes shrimp meat, lemon, limes, red onion, cucumber, cilantro, chili, and avocado. Serve with toasted tortilla chips.


It doesn’t get more traditional than this dish. It’s also the official dish to commemorate Cinco de Mayo, so your Mexican-themed celebration would not be complete without it.

Molé is a classic Mexican sauce/marinade made from a medley of sweet and spicy chilies, finished off with bitter chocolate. It’s best served with shredded chicken and fresh tacos.


Traditionally, this dish is a type of Mexican tortilla casserole. It consists of fresh tomato salsa which sits on top of fried tortilla chips, finished off with eggs, or your preferred form of protein.

In today’s world, nachos are a variation of this traditional Mexican dish. Whether you wish to serve the traditional version or your own nacho-inspired version, it’s always a hit!



This is a Mexican dish that made its way to the Americas at the dawn of civilization. It’s been around for a long time and, as such, developed through many variations.

Traditionally, tamales are only eaten on Mexican holidays. So, serving them as part of your Cinco de Mayo foods is 100 percent necessary!

Tamales are a stuffed type of dough, usually made from corn, and filled with various fillings such as meat, beans, and cheese.


Once again, this is a Mexican dish that’s served on festive occasions, such as Cinco de Mayo. Back in the day, it used to take several days and an entire community to prepare this dish.

But today, with the help of a slow cooker, you can recreate carnitas in a matter of hours. Carnitas is simply slow-roasted meat which falls off the bone — most of the time pork or beef is the meat of choice.

Carnitas is ideal as a delicious taco, burrito, or empanada filling.


It doesn’t get more Mexican or traditional than the taco. They’re always a crowd favorite and easy to prepare — need we say more?

Invented back in the 1950s along the northern coast of Mexico, tacos are now an iconic Mexican staple to have at any celebration.

They’re super versatile, too. Fill them with battered fish, pulled pork (carnitas), shredded chicken, and grilled shrimp, the options are endless!


Mexican Street Corn

Traditionally known as elotes, Mexican street corn is a brilliant catering option. It’s easy to prepare and a great choice for handheld/finger foods.

Serve your Mexican corn with a generous slather of sour cream, grated cheese, and chopped scallions.

Savory Empanadas

This is another show-stopping option to serve at your Cinco de Mayo party. They’re a crowd favorite as they’re easy to eat as another handheld snack and generally filled with delicious goodness.

Empanadas are another type of stuffed pastry. Some of the most popular savory options include ground beef, pulled pork, chicken, and cheese.

Sweet empanadas are also a good option for dessert. Fill them with chocolate sauce or a thick, salted caramel.


Who doesn’t love a bit of fried dough, smothered in sugar? Churros are, and forever will be, a crowd-pleaser at any event. They’re also very easy to make, with simple ingredients.

In Mexico, you can find churros sold as street food, in shopping centers, and at most events/gatherings. You can make churro batter in advance and store it in your fridge. All you’ll need is flour, eggs, butter, vegetable oil, salt, water, and ground cinnamon.

If you’re looking to pull out all the stops at your Cinco de Mayo celebration, whip up a chocolate dipping sauce to go with them!

Looking for Cinco de Mayo Party Catering?

Planning on hosting your very own Cinco de Mayo party, but don’t have the time to prepare your own catering?

Kpacho is your go-to for all your Mexican-inspired catering needs. Take a look at our menu here! Impress your guests with delicious Mexican fare and celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way.

How to Celebrate National Margarita Day in 2022

How to Celebrate National Margarita Day in 2022

Need an excuse to throw a party during the coldest part of winter? Well, our favorite holiday is just around the corner! Of course, we’re talking about National Margarita Day.

If you’ve never thrown a margarita party before, there are some essential ingredients to make the most of the holiday, and we’re here to help with that!

Let’s talk about how to plan for the best Margarita Day in town, how to throw a killer party, and plan ahead for your margarita-based events!

What is National Margarita Day?

Briefly, let’s talk about some history of this fascinating holiday.

If you don’t already know, Margarita Day takes place this year on February 22, 2022. A man by the name of Todd McCalla founded National Margarita Day to spread the love of the popular beverage around the country and, someday, the world.

Margaritas are one of the most widely consumed and popular cocktails in the US, which means it’s only natural that it gets its own holiday.

While margaritas have been a popular beverage since its creation in 1938, the holiday has only been observed since 2009. However, in that short period, it has quickly become one of the most popular food or beverage-related holiday in the US.

How to Properly Celebrate National Margarita Day

Okay, now that we know more about Margarita Day, it’s time to take it seriously. We only get a couple of chances each year to truly impress our guests, and this is one of the best holidays to do just that.

Well, without further ado, here are some tips to help you throw a Margarita Day event that nobody will forget.


Of course, throwing a party of any size is the best way to celebrate Margarita Day. Margaritas are widely associated with having fun, and there are so many ways you can make a party memorable on such an exciting holiday.

Now, a Mexican theme is an obvious choice, but you can do whatever you want. For smaller gatherings (under 20 people), you can do a game night or tournament of some kind.

For larger groups, some Mexican music, a high-speed blender, and enough space will do the trick. The possibilities are endless, so take your guests into account, get creative and plan for something special.

Remember, parties can get expensive, so it’s best to plan ahead. The average American spends over $1,400 a year on event planning, so ensure you know your priorities. More on that later.

Family Celebrations

Another event to choose is a family celebration, assuming everyone is of legal age! Hire a babysitter for the night, invite the in-laws, and show off your celebration skills.

If you have a bar at your house, it’s time to take it out and load it with the essential ingredients. Limes, various, margarita mixers, tequila, and don’t forget plenty of ice!

However, it’s not a celebration without food, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with authentic Mexican food.


Honestly, there’s no better way to celebrate a holiday based on the most popular Mexican drink than with authentic Mexican food. 

Whether you’re throwing a party, family gathering, or any other type of event, we recommend hiring authentic Mexican catering services. That way, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party. We know hosting events is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

How to Make Margaritas You Won’t Forget

The most essential ingredient for Margarita Day is, you guessed it, killer margaritas.

If you’ve never made them before, then let’s talk about the essential ingredients for margaritas that are sure to impress.

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to their cocktails, and there are so many different types of margaritas. Some like them sweet, some like them salty, and some even like them with some spice!

For that reason, it’s important to have options available for your guests. First, margarita glasses are critical.

If you don’t have margarita glasses, don’t worry. You can always get disposable glasses for the night, which is perfect if you have a lot of guests or don’t plan to use the glasses again.

Next, you need both coarse sugar and salt. Lay them evenly on plates, cut up your limes, and rub them across the rim of the glass to get them wet. Let your guests choose which type they want, wet the rim with the lime, flip it over, and rub it into the salt or sugar for an authentic margarita!

Finally, it’s important to offer different types of tequila and mixers. Margaritas come in many different flavors, so don’t limit yourself to one or two. Your guests will all have different tastes.

Also, we suggest choosing a high-quality blender, as an old one may have trouble crushing your ice too well, or it may even break during the party!

However, if you want to spend more time partying and less time making drinks for your guests, then we suggest choosing a service that meets your catering needs, including margaritas. That way, you won’t need to buy glasses, too many mixers, or do any work!

Enjoy Your Margarita Day Events

Now that you know how to celebrate Margarita Day the right way, start today by addressing your catering needs! The sooner you do, the more likely you are to get quality service, as other hosts are trying to get ahead now.

Stay up to date with our latest partying tips and feel free to contact us for help with your events!

Spread Joy with 25 Considerate Winter Party Favor Ideas

Spread Joy with 25 Considerate Winter Party Favor Ideas

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is here already. While it may be a stressful time for some, planning your winter party can be fun.

You want to make sure that you are providing favor ideas that are festive, thoughtful, and unique. Here are 25 great gift items for guests to enjoy at their respective parties.

Lip Balm Favors

You can create lip balm favors by filling small tins or bags with peppermint-flavored lip balm. To give them an added touch, you can print winter-themed designs on stickers; place them on the tins or bags.

Be Safe! Candy Cane Seatbelt Charm

To keep safe during the holiday season, you can print out your own candy cane seatbelt charms for guests to wear. You can also have them attached to cute key chains that are red or green.

Homemade Chocolate Figurines

In winter, it is the perfect opportunity to share the makings of delicious chocolate goodies. At your party, you can have a few molds of different shapes and sizes for guests to fill with chocolate.

Give a Blessing Angel Ornament

Lovely angel ornaments are great favors that guests can take home and hang on their trees. You can put a personalized message on the back of each one.

Make a Treat

You can fill molds with red and green colored chocolate to create your unique candy-inspired treat for guests. For added fun, you can add some sprinkles or nuts on top of the melted chocolate so that the final product resembles ornaments.

Cute Buttons

You can easily print out your own Christmas tree buttons on normal printer paper. To make them look festive, you can color the trees green with ink or marker.

Stick them on homemade cards to share with coworkers, friends, and family.

A Trivia Game Booklet

A fun game that can be played at your party is trivia. You can make a booklet of the questions ahead of time or write them on an index card during the event. For winner prizes, you could give each guest a small ornament as a prize.

A Place Card/Photo Holder

These place cards and photo holders can be made with foam board or cardboard painted green and decorated by gluing on googly eyes and felt pieces for the mouth and buttons. You can also add a cute hat to make them extra festive!

Miniature Gingerbread Houses

These wonderful miniature gingerbread houses are great winter party favors. After your guests have enjoyed their treats in these mini-houses, they can take them home to put on display until next year’s holiday season.

Mitten Place Cards

You can make winter-themed place cards with mittens by cutting out card stock in the shape of a mitten and punching two holes on each side. You can then tie a pretty ribbon or jute through the holes to make them easier to carry around.

Homemade Cinnamon Wreath Ornaments

These homemade cinnamon wreaths are easy to make and will add a lovely scent to your home come winter time. If you like, feel free to put up a small sign with the recipe.

Fresh Pine Branches

Depending on what is available in your area, you can purchase fresh pine branches from your local florist or grocery store. If you like, you can also make it festive by decorating each one with red ribbons and green ornaments.

A Cookie Favor

The cookie party favors can be a hit at your gathering with guests from children to adults because they will also love the festive cookies that you have prepared for them!

Christmas Party Favor in a Jar

These favors can be stored in a jar and reused for years to come. You can give them out at your family gatherings or parties with friends. You can make a sign that says “cheers” and put it next to the jars for added cuteness.

Homemade Peppermint Hand Scrub

This peppermint hand scrub is great for moisturizing hands and giving them a fresh scent. Don’t forget to let your guests know how much you appreciate their coming by putting up a cute label on the jars that say “thanks!”

Hot Chocolate Party Favor

Why not make some hot chocolate for your guests? This homemade hot chocolate is the perfect favor that can be stored in a mason jar. If you like, you can also put marshmallows on top of each cup for some added flavor.

Santa Claus Mini Cupcakes

These Santa Claus mini cupcakes look festive for winter events and will undoubtedly leave your guests with a memorable impression. You can decorate them yourself or ask a bakery to make them for you ahead of time. Just be sure to keep them in the refrigerator until it is time to serve!

Snowflake Chocolate Lollipops

These snowflake chocolate lollipops are adorable treats that you can give out at your party. You’ll be surprised with the amount of guest appreciation that you will receive when you hand this candy pops out.

Be Merry Mistletoe Ornament Tree

This is a fun ornament tree that has mistletoe hanging down. You can attach the mistletoe to the tree with double-sided tape or small holes that you will create for each of them.

Party Favor Label Coasters

With party favor label coasters, you won’t have to worry about losing your drink on a slippery table during your event. These are great for putting under your guest’s cups and will help to keep their drinks in place.

Sugar Scrub

The sugar scrub is a great way to moisturize your skin while also giving it a refreshing clean. Put it in a jar with a festive label, and you’ll have the perfect winter party favor that all of your guests will love.

Party Food Leftovers

Rather than throwing out your party food leftovers, you can put them in individual plastic bags and tie them with festive ribbons. These tasty treats will also last for several days if they are stored inside the fridge.

Spray-On Snow Spray

If you buy this spray-on snow, you can pretend that it is snowing inside your home for festive family celebrations. To add more fun, let each guest spray it on themselves and their surroundings.

Cookie Mix In A Jar

We all love to eat cookies during the holiday season, so why not have some on hand? This cookie mix in a jar is a great party favor because it comes with a cute snowman cookie cutter and a recipe for the cookies.

Pie Candle Favor

This pie candle holiday favor would be a perfect find for your guests, and they will love the festive look. Don’t forget to put up a label that says “thank you” next to each one.

Contact KPacho for Catering Delicious Food for Your Winter Party!

KPacho makes delicious food for your party! We have many dishes for you to choose from, so feel free to look at our menu if you are planning an upcoming event. You can focus on your party preps and leave your catering needs to us. Contact us to know more.

15 Friendsgiving Party Ideas for 2021

15 Friendsgiving Party Ideas for 2021

There is nothing quite like a wonderful Friendsgiving. Something about sitting around with loved ones, discussing gratitude, brings the whole group closer together. The following Friendsgiving party ideas can elevate your Friendsgiving and make it one to remember!

1. Dress for the Occasion

Set the tone for a cozy evening by encouraging guests to wear festive, fall attire that is appropriate for a dinner party. Fall is the perfect time to break out scarves, tights, and plaid. After all, the clothes people are wearing should complement all of the themes and decorations you choose to include. Whatever you choose for the dress code, though, make sure to include in the invitation. None of the guests should feel out of place or uncomfortable due to their attire.

2. Set the Mood Lighting

Thanksgiving calls for warm lighting to help create a comfortable ambiance that all guests can enjoy. Fall wouldn’t be fall without scented candles and soft lamps that bathe the room in a festive glow.

3. Include a Festive Centerpiece

As opposed to a traditional dinner party, where flowers may be in order, a Thanksgiving-themed centerpiece can serve as a wonderful decoration that sets the mood of the whole room. Centerpieces may include pumpkins, squash, foliage, and other beautifully-colored fall fruits and vegetables that will catch the eye of your guests. They will surely be impressed by the attention to detail and commitment to the fall theme.

4. Build a Good, Old-Fashioned Fire

While scented candles and diffusers can create a wonderful aroma, nothing can replace the scent and cozy feeling created by a fire. Fall is supposed to be spent reading books and drinking coffee by the fireplace, so don’t neglect this while planning your Friendsgiving. Making a fire in the fireplace is a simple way to make Friendsgiving feel warmer and more festive.

5. Provide an Assortment of Beverages

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy all types of festive beverages that have fall flavors like pumpkin and cinnamon. Friendsgiving, being less formal than traditional Thanksgiving, can also be a great opportunity to let loose and showcase your bartending skills in front of your friends. Just make sure to research festive fall drinks to whip up the perfect concoction and impress your loved ones! If homemade drinks are too much work, a simple selection of wine and soda is just as good.

6. Select the Playlist Carefully

While Friendsgiving is best spent talking and laughing, a little bit of background noise goes a long way. Choose soft, comforting music to make guests feel comfortable and at-home immediately upon arrival. A playlist reminiscent of the music played at a quiet coffee shop is ideal, or a soft, festive instrumental piece is just as good.

7. Design a Fun Invitation

While invitations can seem like an insignificant detail, in reality, they set the tone for the event before it even begins. There are plenty of festive templates available for online invitations that are perfect for Friendsgiving. You can also send out physical invitations in the mail, for a more personal, heartfelt feeling.

8. Put Effort into the Seating

A well-thought-out seating chart goes along way. It allows friends to enjoy each other’s presence, and it allows acquaintances to become close friends. Put some thought into who sits next to each other. Take into account who is close and who would hit it off immediately!

9. Let Your Friends Help You Out

Allowing friends to bring something small, even just a side-dish, bottle of wine, or a dessert, lets them feel useful and less like an imposition. Accept any gifts graciously at the door, and all of your friends will thank you for it. Friendsgiving is about sharing, and all of your friends will get to share the gift brought by their loved ones.

10. Get Fun with the Decorations

There’s a reason so many children make Thanksgiving-themed decorations in school: they’re fun and festive! Even if you’re not an artist, you can make easy decorations like turkey hands and decorate festive gold banners.

11. Pick a Color Scheme and Stick to It

With so many decorations and so much food, Friendsgiving can get overwhelming quickly. Sticking to a classic, fall-themed color scheme can help the atmosphere seem more put-together and simpler. Typical fall colors include orange, red, yellow, dark green, and brown. Even silver and gold can make wonderful accents to make the event feel a little more glamorous.

12. Turn on a Football Game

Even for people who aren’t football fans, there is something undeniably specific to Thanksgiving about a football game. If there’s a football game on, then it’s great to have some football on in the background. Otherwise, you can play reruns from a Thanksgiving football game in the past.

13. Use Friend Photos as Decorations

Printing out and hanging up photos of your friend group having a good time can add a nice personal touch to the decorations. Your guests will undoubtedly pour over pictures, laughing and trying to spot themselves in the photos you’ve put up.

14. Give Out Leftovers as Party Favors

Party favors aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Leftovers, especially Thanksgiving leftovers, on the other hand will undoubtedly be put to use. Make sure your friends can enjoy a turkey sandwich on a delicious baked roll for days after the actual event. Show your love and gratitude for your friends by making sure they’re well-fed even after they leave.

15. Enjoy Your Loved Ones’ Company

With all of these plans being made, it can be easy to forget the true meaning of Friendsgiving: to appreciate the people in your life. While planning is important, it’s not as important as making sure that you, the host, are enjoying Friendsgiving just as much as your guests. Be a good host, but don’t forget to laugh and share stories and memories with your friends.

Choose KPacho to Handle Your Friendsgiving Celebration

Delegating the catering to a third party allows you to focus on creating a detailed plan to make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

Whenever you’re ready to plan your Friendsgiving event, let us help you with your catering needs. Contact us to learn more about our taco fajita bar as one of our excellent and delicious takeout options!

7 of the Best Halloween Party Themes for Adults and Kids in 2021

There’s a chill in the air, a spring in your step, and crunchy leaves coating the ground. It’s officially Halloween season.

Now is the time to start figuring out when you’ll have your Halloween party and who you want to invite. There is so much to do!

In order to have the best party, however, you have to come up with the best theme first (no matter when you throw it). A Halloween event isn’t complete without some heavy planning and inspiration from the get-go.

Read more below about our top 7 Halloween party themes for all ages this year.

1. Murder Mystery Party

A lot of people love mysteries and incorporating this type of drama into your Halloween theme is going to make it a memorable affair. You can create an entire story with the help of other friends that are in on the mystery, or you can even hire actors if you want to take it the extra mile.

Don’t forget to incorporate some delicious dinner to go along with the story! You can work with a company that serves your catering needs or make a meal yourself that incorporates themes from the overarching mystery. Remember that all of the details need to serve a purpose to really keep your guests engaged in the story!

2. Classic Haunted House

When you’re going for gasps during your spooky Halloween party, a haunted house is a traditional route to take. You can break out all of the scariest decorations you have, get some friends to help you set up the route or act behind the scenes, and find your favorite music to really set the tone.

Once your guests have gone through the haunted house, perhaps it could spit them out in your backyard for a full-fledged party with games, drinks, food, and more! Don’t forget the fog machine.

3. Elegant Halloween Dinner

A simple thing to do if you aren’t a huge fan of Halloween, but you still want to get in the spirit, is a regular dinner party amplified with a little bit of Halloween pizazz.

You can add some classy decorations, such as dark red flowers, white table settings, statement pumpkins, or even Victorian-style candlesticks.

Whenever you’re planning holiday parties, you always want to make sure that the food is top-notch. This is why a classy dinner affair needs classy caterers for the finishing touch.

4. Zombies Only Party

For this Halloween theme, you just have to ask your guests to dress up like zombies! That’s it! They can be creepy, funny, stylish, or anything else they’d like, as long as they look like the undead.

Because this is something that anyone can do, it’s a great option for families, couples, or singles that you invite to your party. It’s also kid-friendly, especially since the adults can help make their costumes perfect!

Complete this theme with some zombie-themed food choices and a costume contest. You can create your own awards ahead of time for a personal touch, or buy some pre-made trophies or pins for your guests to take home.

5. Backyard Spooky Movie Night

If you want to create lasting family celebrations with your loved ones (young and old), a scary movie night during the Halloween season is a great way to do this.

Set up a white sheet in your backyard by setting it up with posts, over your fence, on a tree branch, or any other way that you can get it to stay flat. You’ll also need a portable projector that can hook up to your laptop or smartphone to play the content.

Get some Halloween-themed seating, such as hay bales, large pumpkin chairs, or regular chairs draped in black fabric to get the party going.

Keep in mind that if you’re inviting little ones, you may want to err more on the side of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown instead of The Conjuring.

6. Halloween-Themed Craft Party

When you’re planning events that will work for people of all ages, it can be hard to come up with a theme that will work no matter what. A craft party is one of those themes that everyone will enjoy because everyone can participate!

You can pick the Halloween project that people will work on and provide all of the things they’ll need, including a space to work, supplies, tools, and even a template to reference.

If you want to spice it up when you’re done, you can ask everyone to write their name on the back of their projects, and have a judging contest to win a prize! Are some of your guests going to be very young? If so, the contest may be fairer if you split it up into two options: an adults-only contest and a kids-only contest.

7. Pumped-Up Pumpkin Party

Are you crazy about pumpkins? If so, you may want to consider having a pumpkin party, complete with a pumpkin carving station, pumpkin pies, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin-themed gifts, and more.

Go all out with the orange color here, and make sure that you have plenty of pumpkin-scented candles to set the tone.

During autumn, you can always find plenty of items that are pumpkin-related, so it shouldn’t be a chore to plan this type of party! Gather your supplies ahead of time and come up with some party games that you can gear toward the theme to make it a fun event for your guests of all ages.

Choose the Perfect Halloween Party Theme

Halloween is a wonderful time of year to explore your spooky side, but if you’re getting together with friends and family, you need to come up with an event that they will love.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy these party theme ideas, so you should decide which one is best for the type of shindig you want to throw this year!

Speaking of shindigs, we are also hosting our own spectacular Halloween bash this year with our latest event: Freak Show. This will be on Saturday, October 30th and we’ll be having a live DJ, Halloween-themed specials, and a spooktacular prize for best costume! Don’t miss out!

Whenever you’re ready to plan your Halloween bash, let us help you with your catering needs. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you this spooky season and beyond.

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