We may still be in the heat of summer, but there’s no better time than now to start planning for your holiday parties. Planning a party takes time, effort, and creativity. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out how you want to wow your guests this holiday season.

We’ve gathered together our top 10 favorite fresh party ideas for you to use in your planning this year. Whether you’re planning a family, friends, or work party, don’t waste an opportunity to celebrate. You never know, the party you plan could turn out to be an annual tradition.

Read on for some fun holiday party ideas to get you in the spirit of the season.

1. Ugly Sweater Party

An ugly sweater party is a tried and true party theme but there’s a reason why it’s so popular. They’re a lot of fun! Everyone likes to get cozy in an outrageous holiday sweater as they spend time with friends and family.

There are still opportunities to make your ugly sweater party different than the rest. Do a contest where everyone votes on their favorite sweater at the party and hand out cheesy trophies. Have fun catering at your party so your guests can indulge in their favorite food.

2. Holiday Movie Night

Who doesn’t love watching Christmas movies? You don’t have to do this party in December either. Host it the weekend after Thanksgiving while everyone is in town to kick off the holiday season.

If you have multiple rooms in your house with TVs, have a different movie playing on each screen. Have specific party meals in each room that are tailored to the movie playing. This is a great opportunity to eat your favorite holiday foods and movies.

3. Wreath Making Party

Host a wreath-making party with friends and family this year. Holiday wreaths can be made from greenery from local markets or with artificial goods you can find at a craft store. Eucalyptus leaves, evergreens, magnolia, and dried citrus slices are great options for autumn or winter-themed wreaths.

Don’t worry about trying to feed your guests while you’re busy working on a wreath. Have a catering company bring food for your event. Focus on having fun with your guests and leave the stress of cooking to someone else.

4. Cookie Swap

Learn new cookie recipes by hosting a cookie swap. Have your guests bake their favorite holiday cookies and bring them to the party. They can either put the cookies in individual packages for everyone to take home or on a tray so guests can sample throughout the party.

Recommend that people bring small handouts with the recipe printed out so people can grab the ones for their favorite cookies.

5. Gingerbread House Making Party

Who doesn’t love putting together a gingerbread bread house? This is a great option for kids or adults. Depending upon your skill level, you can make the pieces of the houses ahead of time or buy premade pieces for your guests to put together.

6. Block Party Open House

If you have a neighborhood that loves to go all out during the holidays, host a neighborhood block party/open house. Each house can have a different theme for the holidays. Themes can include:

  • Winter wonderland
  • Traditional Christmas
  • Vintage Christmas
  • Hawaiian holidays

Guests can roam between houses, sampling drinks and food wherever they go. This is a great way to bring your neighborhood together in a fun, unique way.

7. Hawaiian Holiday Party

You don’t have to have a winter wonderland-themed party in order for it to feel festive. Pair palm trees with poinsettias, stringing them with twinkle lights. Have your guests wear their favorite Hawaiian-themed shirts and give them leis.

A Hawaiian-themed party is a great opportunity to have fun with your menu. Served roasted pork and pineapple-themed drinks to your guests, really amping up the island flavor.

8. Vintage Cocktail Party

If you really want to go glam for the holidays, host a vintage cocktail party. Ask your guests to come in their best 1920s glam outfits. There are plenty of Christmas cocktails to choose from, including eggnog and peppermint martinis.

Serve finger foods and other easy-to-eat appetizers for your guests to enjoy while they walk around the party. Hire a bartender to make your party feel even more sophisticated. Have a few non-alcoholic drinks available for guests to choose from.

9. White Elephant Party

Is there anything more classic than a white elephant party? If you’ve never played it before, it’s like a twisted version of Secret Santa.

Ask your guests to bring a wrapped gift, ensuring you put a dollar limit on whatever item they bring. Each of your guests will take turns picking out a present to open. Another guest can steal the gift or exchange it as the game progresses.

Your party can definitely get hilarious as your guests get competitive. The goal of the evening is to end up with the best gift.

10. Bring Your Own Tradition Party

Every family has its own sets of Christmas traditions. Some traditions include:

  • Hiding the Christmas pickle
  • Making homemade hot chocolate
  • Having a gift exchange
  • Making a special dish

Whatever your guests’ holiday traditions are, ask them to bring them to the party. This kind of party is a great way to learn more about your loved ones. You never know, one of their traditions may become one of yours.

Use These Fresh Party Ideas This Holiday Season

If you’re out of ideas for themes for your holiday parties, no problem. Use one of our fresh party ideas when planning your next event celebration. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones this year as you host memorable events.

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