25 Fun and Festive Holiday Party Themes for 2022

25 Fun and Festive Holiday Party Themes for 2022

Did you know that holiday parties are a great way to relax and bring people together to create lasting memories? 

Even though it can be exciting to attend a holiday party, you might feel stressed if you have the responsibility of planning it.

Not only do you need to worry about figuring out beverages and food, but you also need to decide on a theme.

Thankfully, it’s possible to simplify your party planning by knowing about the best holiday party themes for 2022. We’ve written a guide to help you out. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Jingle and Mingle Party 

It is easy to host a jingle and mingle party. All you need to do is serve your guests tasty holiday treats and beverages and encourage them to mingle.  

You can even encourage your guests to dress up in the spirit of the season. 

2. Gift Wrapping Party 

Get your friends together to wrap gifts, create holiday cards, and share your favorite treats.

This is a great holiday party idea for those who want to celebrate the holidays by getting into the spirit of giving. 

3. Movie Marathon Party

Get together with your friends and family to watch your favorite holiday movies such as The Polar Express, Home Alone, and Elf. 

You can offer your guests popcorn that’s seasoned with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. 

4. Candy Cane and Cookie Crafting Party

This is one of the best ideas if you are going to be organizing family celebrations during the holidays.

After you craft candy canes and cookies together, make sure you sample them in order to decide which ones are the tastiest. 

5. Holiday Snack Exchange Party 

Ask each of your guests to bring their favorite holiday snacks to share. Play your favorite holiday music and enjoy hot egg nog. 

You can also hire a catering company to prepare a great holiday dinner. 

6. A Retro Christmas Party

This is a great party idea if you enjoy attending events that embrace the spirit of the past.

Use vintage tree bulbs, and play holiday music from the past. 

7. Ornament Crafting Party 

Even if your party guests don’t know how to cross-stitch, will quickly learn.

Print out your favorite designs to make it easier for your guests to craft their ornaments. 

8. Hot Chocolate Party  

Create a hot chocolate bar and let your guest enjoy your tasty creations.

You can offer toppings such as nutmeg, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. 

9. A Country Holiday Party 

If you live in a rural area, you should consider organizing a country holiday party.

Stack a few hay bales around a fire, and hire a catering company to prepare a delicious meal. 

10. Fondue Party

This is a great party idea if you have a fondue set at home.

Consider serving egg nog or sparkling cider. 

11. Wreath-Making Party 

Prepare wreath-making supplies and invite your friends and family to make wreaths together.

Consider offering an award to the person who makes the best wreath. 

12. Eggnog Party 

Serve a batch of fresh cookies and create an eggnog bar.

If you don’t have time to make your own eggnog, there is nothing wrong with purchasing it at the supermarket. 

13. White Elephant Gift Exchange

This is a great party idea that will encourage your guests to have fun and laugh.

Set a cap for how much each gift should cost. 

14. Holiday Baking Competition 

Ask each of your guests to bake their favorite cookies.

Offer a reward to the person who makes the best cookies. 

15. Ugly Sweater Party 

This is a great party theme if you want to laugh and have fun.

You should organize a holiday fashion show in order to give your guests the chance to show off their ugly sweaters

16. Piñata Holiday Party

This is a great way to celebrate the holiday season.

Fill the piñata with candy canes and toys. 

17. Holidays at the Beach

Invite your guests to wear their favorite beach outfits.

Make sure that you give flower leis to your friends and family when they arrive at your gathering. 

18. Grinchmas Holiday Party 

Have your guests dress as the Grinch and watch the classic Grinch movie.

After you finish watching the movie, you can have dinner together. 

19. Holiday Scavenger Hunt 

Hide holiday items throughout your home.

Tell your guests that the person who finds the most items wins. 

20. Holiday Give Back Party

It is a good idea to organize a holiday give-back party if you like holding gatherings that help out your community.

All you need to do is invite your guests to help you create care packages for those who are in need. 

21. Letter Writing Party 

Set aside time with you and your friends to write holiday letters.

Don’t forget to decorate the mailing envelopes. 

22. Candle-Making Party 

All you need to organize this party is to gather the supplies for making candles.

Make sure you have peppermint and cinnamon essential oils on hand if you want to stay on theme. 

23. Holiday Brunch

Instead of having dinner together, you can organize a brunch.

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can hire somebody to help you out with your catering needs. 

24. Fireside Hangout 

Get warm by the fire while enjoying some indoor s’mores.

Make sure that you have holiday-inspired beverages at hand. 

25. Holiday Talent Show

Everybody has a secret talent.

You can give your friends and family the chance to show off their unique skills by holding a holiday talent show. 

Get Started in Planning an Unforgettable Holiday Party Today 

It is easier than you might think to a holiday party theme for 2022. The most important thing is that you serve great food. 

If you’re looking to throw a holiday party this year and need some exquisite catering, don’t hesitate to get a hold of us today. 

Themed Halloween Food Ideas

Themed Halloween Food Ideas

The leaves are falling and there’s a chill in the air. Soon all the ghouls and ghosts will return to walk the earth. This Halloween is going to be different, with many municipalities banning trick-or-treating, parties canceled, and school shutdowns relegating kids’ party contests to Zoom. But there’s no reason you can’t have some of that spooky Halloween spirit in your own home, and what better way to do that then with creepy themed treats? Here are a few ideas.


You can’t talk about Halloween food without talking about Mexico’s centuries-old tradition of making candy skulls for your friends and family. You can go the traditional route and mix sugar with hot water and lemon juice to make a delicious and sculptural paste, or alfenique, reserving some to die with food coloring so you can pipe creative decorations onto the skull’s ghoulish face. Or, if you’re working with kids, skip the hot water and make skull-shaped sugar cookies with colorful icing.

Eyeball pops

Who doesn’t love a cake pop? Literally the only way to improve on a lollipop is to make it out of cake. And what’s creepier than an eyeball? Put the two together and you’ve got an instant Halloween hit. And the best part is, you can make them in a hurry. Just pull out your favorite easy recipe for cake pops, then dip the finished pops in white icing or white chocolate, stick a blue or green Smartie or candy of similar size and shape onto it, put a black dot in the middle of the candy, and add a few crinkly red veins around the “white.”

Spooky Jello molds

For some, molded Jell-o will always be a reminder of mid-twentieth-century suburban kitsch, but it has two distinct advantages when it comes to Halloween treats. One, it comes in all shapes and sizes; if you want to make a Jell-o mold of a brain or heart or burgeoning heap of guts, some macabre mold maker will have you covered. Two, it jiggles. It quivers. It does everything that a disembodied human organ would do. In short, it hits the exact balance of cartoonishness and realism that a good Halloween snack should hit.


They’re just pigs-in-a-blanket, but for Halloween. Instead of wrapping up a cocktail frank in a solid sheet of pastry, you cut the pastry into a long strip and wrap it in a loose spiral around the frank. Then, after baking them according to package instructions, you take two white 4mm sugar balls and put them near one end of the frank to create the illusion of blank, staring eyes. Or, if you feel like pressing your luck, you can check your local Halloween stores for sugar eyes — they come in handy for all kinds of Halloween treats.

Witch’s hats

Witch’s hat cookies are as simple as they are delicious. You start with your favorite recipe for one- to two-inch chocolate cookies, then, once the cookies are cool, you add a dollop of frosting on top and stick a Hershey’s Kiss right in the middle. Now you have a witch’s hat with a ribbon around the inner brim. Use your frosting to neaten up the ribbon, then draw on a bow or buckle. If you have large, square sprinkles, you could also make the “buckle” out of one of those, or find a suitably buckle-looking candy.

Halloween may be all about creative snacks and desserts, but when you want a festive family meal to top it all off, you want K. Pacho. K. Pacho is a Mexican restaurant, bar, and lounge in New Hyde Park. Dine in or order out before your socially distanced Halloween party.