15 Friendsgiving Party Ideas for 2021

15 Friendsgiving Party Ideas for 2021

There is nothing quite like a wonderful Friendsgiving. Something about sitting around with loved ones, discussing gratitude, brings the whole group closer together. The following Friendsgiving party ideas can elevate your Friendsgiving and make it one to remember!

1. Dress for the Occasion

Set the tone for a cozy evening by encouraging guests to wear festive, fall attire that is appropriate for a dinner party. Fall is the perfect time to break out scarves, tights, and plaid. After all, the clothes people are wearing should complement all of the themes and decorations you choose to include. Whatever you choose for the dress code, though, make sure to include in the invitation. None of the guests should feel out of place or uncomfortable due to their attire.

2. Set the Mood Lighting

Thanksgiving calls for warm lighting to help create a comfortable ambiance that all guests can enjoy. Fall wouldn’t be fall without scented candles and soft lamps that bathe the room in a festive glow.

3. Include a Festive Centerpiece

As opposed to a traditional dinner party, where flowers may be in order, a Thanksgiving-themed centerpiece can serve as a wonderful decoration that sets the mood of the whole room. Centerpieces may include pumpkins, squash, foliage, and other beautifully-colored fall fruits and vegetables that will catch the eye of your guests. They will surely be impressed by the attention to detail and commitment to the fall theme.

4. Build a Good, Old-Fashioned Fire

While scented candles and diffusers can create a wonderful aroma, nothing can replace the scent and cozy feeling created by a fire. Fall is supposed to be spent reading books and drinking coffee by the fireplace, so don’t neglect this while planning your Friendsgiving. Making a fire in the fireplace is a simple way to make Friendsgiving feel warmer and more festive.

5. Provide an Assortment of Beverages

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy all types of festive beverages that have fall flavors like pumpkin and cinnamon. Friendsgiving, being less formal than traditional Thanksgiving, can also be a great opportunity to let loose and showcase your bartending skills in front of your friends. Just make sure to research festive fall drinks to whip up the perfect concoction and impress your loved ones! If homemade drinks are too much work, a simple selection of wine and soda is just as good.

6. Select the Playlist Carefully

While Friendsgiving is best spent talking and laughing, a little bit of background noise goes a long way. Choose soft, comforting music to make guests feel comfortable and at-home immediately upon arrival. A playlist reminiscent of the music played at a quiet coffee shop is ideal, or a soft, festive instrumental piece is just as good.

7. Design a Fun Invitation

While invitations can seem like an insignificant detail, in reality, they set the tone for the event before it even begins. There are plenty of festive templates available for online invitations that are perfect for Friendsgiving. You can also send out physical invitations in the mail, for a more personal, heartfelt feeling.

8. Put Effort into the Seating

A well-thought-out seating chart goes along way. It allows friends to enjoy each other’s presence, and it allows acquaintances to become close friends. Put some thought into who sits next to each other. Take into account who is close and who would hit it off immediately!

9. Let Your Friends Help You Out

Allowing friends to bring something small, even just a side-dish, bottle of wine, or a dessert, lets them feel useful and less like an imposition. Accept any gifts graciously at the door, and all of your friends will thank you for it. Friendsgiving is about sharing, and all of your friends will get to share the gift brought by their loved ones.

10. Get Fun with the Decorations

There’s a reason so many children make Thanksgiving-themed decorations in school: they’re fun and festive! Even if you’re not an artist, you can make easy decorations like turkey hands and decorate festive gold banners.

11. Pick a Color Scheme and Stick to It

With so many decorations and so much food, Friendsgiving can get overwhelming quickly. Sticking to a classic, fall-themed color scheme can help the atmosphere seem more put-together and simpler. Typical fall colors include orange, red, yellow, dark green, and brown. Even silver and gold can make wonderful accents to make the event feel a little more glamorous.

12. Turn on a Football Game

Even for people who aren’t football fans, there is something undeniably specific to Thanksgiving about a football game. If there’s a football game on, then it’s great to have some football on in the background. Otherwise, you can play reruns from a Thanksgiving football game in the past.

13. Use Friend Photos as Decorations

Printing out and hanging up photos of your friend group having a good time can add a nice personal touch to the decorations. Your guests will undoubtedly pour over pictures, laughing and trying to spot themselves in the photos you’ve put up.

14. Give Out Leftovers as Party Favors

Party favors aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Leftovers, especially Thanksgiving leftovers, on the other hand will undoubtedly be put to use. Make sure your friends can enjoy a turkey sandwich on a delicious baked roll for days after the actual event. Show your love and gratitude for your friends by making sure they’re well-fed even after they leave.

15. Enjoy Your Loved Ones’ Company

With all of these plans being made, it can be easy to forget the true meaning of Friendsgiving: to appreciate the people in your life. While planning is important, it’s not as important as making sure that you, the host, are enjoying Friendsgiving just as much as your guests. Be a good host, but don’t forget to laugh and share stories and memories with your friends.

Choose KPacho to Handle Your Friendsgiving Celebration

Delegating the catering to a third party allows you to focus on creating a detailed plan to make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

Whenever you’re ready to plan your Friendsgiving event, let us help you with your catering needs. Contact us to learn more about our taco fajita bar as one of our excellent and delicious takeout options!

7 of the Best Halloween Party Themes for Adults and Kids in 2021

There’s a chill in the air, a spring in your step, and crunchy leaves coating the ground. It’s officially Halloween season.

Now is the time to start figuring out when you’ll have your Halloween party and who you want to invite. There is so much to do!

In order to have the best party, however, you have to come up with the best theme first (no matter when you throw it). A Halloween event isn’t complete without some heavy planning and inspiration from the get-go.

Read more below about our top 7 Halloween party themes for all ages this year.

1. Murder Mystery Party

A lot of people love mysteries and incorporating this type of drama into your Halloween theme is going to make it a memorable affair. You can create an entire story with the help of other friends that are in on the mystery, or you can even hire actors if you want to take it the extra mile.

Don’t forget to incorporate some delicious dinner to go along with the story! You can work with a company that serves your catering needs or make a meal yourself that incorporates themes from the overarching mystery. Remember that all of the details need to serve a purpose to really keep your guests engaged in the story!

2. Classic Haunted House

When you’re going for gasps during your spooky Halloween party, a haunted house is a traditional route to take. You can break out all of the scariest decorations you have, get some friends to help you set up the route or act behind the scenes, and find your favorite music to really set the tone.

Once your guests have gone through the haunted house, perhaps it could spit them out in your backyard for a full-fledged party with games, drinks, food, and more! Don’t forget the fog machine.

3. Elegant Halloween Dinner

A simple thing to do if you aren’t a huge fan of Halloween, but you still want to get in the spirit, is a regular dinner party amplified with a little bit of Halloween pizazz.

You can add some classy decorations, such as dark red flowers, white table settings, statement pumpkins, or even Victorian-style candlesticks.

Whenever you’re planning holiday parties, you always want to make sure that the food is top-notch. This is why a classy dinner affair needs classy caterers for the finishing touch.

4. Zombies Only Party

For this Halloween theme, you just have to ask your guests to dress up like zombies! That’s it! They can be creepy, funny, stylish, or anything else they’d like, as long as they look like the undead.

Because this is something that anyone can do, it’s a great option for families, couples, or singles that you invite to your party. It’s also kid-friendly, especially since the adults can help make their costumes perfect!

Complete this theme with some zombie-themed food choices and a costume contest. You can create your own awards ahead of time for a personal touch, or buy some pre-made trophies or pins for your guests to take home.

5. Backyard Spooky Movie Night

If you want to create lasting family celebrations with your loved ones (young and old), a scary movie night during the Halloween season is a great way to do this.

Set up a white sheet in your backyard by setting it up with posts, over your fence, on a tree branch, or any other way that you can get it to stay flat. You’ll also need a portable projector that can hook up to your laptop or smartphone to play the content.

Get some Halloween-themed seating, such as hay bales, large pumpkin chairs, or regular chairs draped in black fabric to get the party going.

Keep in mind that if you’re inviting little ones, you may want to err more on the side of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown instead of The Conjuring.

6. Halloween-Themed Craft Party

When you’re planning events that will work for people of all ages, it can be hard to come up with a theme that will work no matter what. A craft party is one of those themes that everyone will enjoy because everyone can participate!

You can pick the Halloween project that people will work on and provide all of the things they’ll need, including a space to work, supplies, tools, and even a template to reference.

If you want to spice it up when you’re done, you can ask everyone to write their name on the back of their projects, and have a judging contest to win a prize! Are some of your guests going to be very young? If so, the contest may be fairer if you split it up into two options: an adults-only contest and a kids-only contest.

7. Pumped-Up Pumpkin Party

Are you crazy about pumpkins? If so, you may want to consider having a pumpkin party, complete with a pumpkin carving station, pumpkin pies, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin-themed gifts, and more.

Go all out with the orange color here, and make sure that you have plenty of pumpkin-scented candles to set the tone.

During autumn, you can always find plenty of items that are pumpkin-related, so it shouldn’t be a chore to plan this type of party! Gather your supplies ahead of time and come up with some party games that you can gear toward the theme to make it a fun event for your guests of all ages.

Choose the Perfect Halloween Party Theme

Halloween is a wonderful time of year to explore your spooky side, but if you’re getting together with friends and family, you need to come up with an event that they will love.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy these party theme ideas, so you should decide which one is best for the type of shindig you want to throw this year!

Speaking of shindigs, we are also hosting our own spectacular Halloween bash this year with our latest event: Freak Show. This will be on Saturday, October 30th and we’ll be having a live DJ, Halloween-themed specials, and a spooktacular prize for best costume! Don’t miss out!

Whenever you’re ready to plan your Halloween bash, let us help you with your catering needs. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you this spooky season and beyond.

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10 Epic Catering Themes To Have Everyone Buzzing

Every event needs an award-winning theme, right?

Your catering event doesn’t need to be boring and plain. You can spice it up with a theme that will make the night unforgettable.

Are your creative juices not getting you anywhere? Read on for 10 epic catering themes to have at your next events!

Why Are Themes For Events Important?

You may be thinking:

“Why do I need a theme? Why can’t I just put up whatever decorations I want and serve whatever food looks good?”

Themes ensure that your catering event has one overall cohesive train of thought. It brings all the elements of your party together to create harmony instead of chaos. It gives you something to strive towards and build upon, rather than just shooting ideas out left and right.

While themes aren’t a requirement to host a great dinner party, it’s something to consider if you are looking for your event to really be a hit.

Themes also are great hits no matter what age you are targeting. This means your family celebrations will always be enhanced. Your grandparents down to your youngest child will all have a grand time.

Picking a theme can be tricky, but in the long run, it’s worth it! It will give your party the extra touch it needs to be special and memorable. The last thing you want is to plan parties that will be forgotten about by the next day.

1. Holiday Hype

Everyone loves the holidays, right? So why not give them a taste of their favorite holidays with a holiday-themed catering event.

Bring Thanksgiving or Christmas a few months early and deck that table out with all your holiday favorite foods.

2. Blast From The Past

Are you catering to an older crowd? Maybe choosing a blast from the past theme could be the hit you are looking for!

Whether you choose the 90s, 80s, 70s, people are bound to be hooked into traveling back to their younger days.

We can help you create the perfect catering menu for your event. Let’s bring back all those good memories from simpler times!

3. Pajama Party

If you’re targeting a younger crowd, a pajama party theme could be just the thing! Stocked with comfort food galore, this theme is a sure-fire way of being a hit to the Gen Z crowd.

What’s better than spending a night in your pajamas? Eating breakfast for dinner.

You can choose to cater breakfast at your event and give your guests the illusion that they are at the pajama party of their dreams.

4. Mexican Fiesta

What’s better than a Mexican Fiesta?

If you are a Mexican food fanatic, choosing a fiesta theme for your catering event could be a dream come true.

By building a taco bar set with all your Mexican favorites, your guests will have no choice but to enjoy themselves. On top of that, you can get the parties started with some traditional fiesta music!

5. Game On!

Are you looking to celebrate after a successful ball game? A sports-themed catering event could be just the way to do that.

We can help you stack your table with traditional sports food, like pretzels, churros, finger foods, and more.

Do a little something extra for all the hard work your team put into the game season.

6. Luau Dinner

You can make your dinner look classy and functional at the same time with a Hawaiian Luau. Let the simple decorations do the work and the Hawaiian food favorites fill up the table.

A Luau is a fun and simple theme for your dinner, especially if you are running on a tight budget. It also gives you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and make fun Hawaiian activities for your guests.

7. Pizza Party

Pizza is a worldwide favorite and can come in so many different options. This is an easy choice for a catering theme and can satisfy each one of your guests.

This is a good option if you have certain guests with allergies or vegan preferences. Pizza is very flexible to be made however you need it.

Are you looking to make the experience a bit more fun? You can even do a build-your-own-pizza party and let people choose what they want for their pizzas. This will make the experience not only tasty but fun too!

8. Bite-Sized Favorites

Get rid of the mess that may come with dinner parties and choose a bite-sized food theme. Mini burgers and hotdogs? Little desserts? Your table set-up will be chic and classy by presenting bite-sized foods.

The best part? The smaller the food, the more you can eat!

9. Around The World

You can take your guests on a journey by offering international favorites at your dinner.

Set your tables up with a little something from each culture. This is a great opportunity to be able to serve even the pickiest eaters. If you have a bit of everything, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

10. Under The Sea

A classic choice that is easy to replicate. Deck your tables out with all the seafood you can imagine. The possibilities are endless: poke bowls and sushi, salmon and lobster, shrimp and clams, and more!

This is a great choice for an aesthetically pleasing dinner that everyone will enjoy. Play some tropical music for an extra touch and let your guests dig in!

How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to plan the ultimate dinner party? Then don’t keep waiting! Kpacho can serve your catering needs and ensure that it is the event of your dreams.

If you are ready to get started, contact us today to see how we can help!

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Fun Party Set-Ups for the Holiday Season

We may still be in the heat of summer, but there’s no better time than now to start planning for your holiday parties. Planning a party takes time, effort, and creativity. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out how you want to wow your guests this holiday season.

We’ve gathered together our top 10 favorite fresh party ideas for you to use in your planning this year. Whether you’re planning a family, friends, or work party, don’t waste an opportunity to celebrate. You never know, the party you plan could turn out to be an annual tradition.

Read on for some fun holiday party ideas to get you in the spirit of the season.

1. Ugly Sweater Party

An ugly sweater party is a tried and true party theme but there’s a reason why it’s so popular. They’re a lot of fun! Everyone likes to get cozy in an outrageous holiday sweater as they spend time with friends and family.

There are still opportunities to make your ugly sweater party different than the rest. Do a contest where everyone votes on their favorite sweater at the party and hand out cheesy trophies. Have fun catering at your party so your guests can indulge in their favorite food.

2. Holiday Movie Night

Who doesn’t love watching Christmas movies? You don’t have to do this party in December either. Host it the weekend after Thanksgiving while everyone is in town to kick off the holiday season.

If you have multiple rooms in your house with TVs, have a different movie playing on each screen. Have specific party meals in each room that are tailored to the movie playing. This is a great opportunity to eat your favorite holiday foods and movies.

3. Wreath Making Party

Host a wreath-making party with friends and family this year. Holiday wreaths can be made from greenery from local markets or with artificial goods you can find at a craft store. Eucalyptus leaves, evergreens, magnolia, and dried citrus slices are great options for autumn or winter-themed wreaths.

Don’t worry about trying to feed your guests while you’re busy working on a wreath. Have a catering company bring food for your event. Focus on having fun with your guests and leave the stress of cooking to someone else.

4. Cookie Swap

Learn new cookie recipes by hosting a cookie swap. Have your guests bake their favorite holiday cookies and bring them to the party. They can either put the cookies in individual packages for everyone to take home or on a tray so guests can sample throughout the party.

Recommend that people bring small handouts with the recipe printed out so people can grab the ones for their favorite cookies.

5. Gingerbread House Making Party

Who doesn’t love putting together a gingerbread bread house? This is a great option for kids or adults. Depending upon your skill level, you can make the pieces of the houses ahead of time or buy premade pieces for your guests to put together.

6. Block Party Open House

If you have a neighborhood that loves to go all out during the holidays, host a neighborhood block party/open house. Each house can have a different theme for the holidays. Themes can include:

  • Winter wonderland
  • Traditional Christmas
  • Vintage Christmas
  • Hawaiian holidays

Guests can roam between houses, sampling drinks and food wherever they go. This is a great way to bring your neighborhood together in a fun, unique way.

7. Hawaiian Holiday Party

You don’t have to have a winter wonderland-themed party in order for it to feel festive. Pair palm trees with poinsettias, stringing them with twinkle lights. Have your guests wear their favorite Hawaiian-themed shirts and give them leis.

A Hawaiian-themed party is a great opportunity to have fun with your menu. Served roasted pork and pineapple-themed drinks to your guests, really amping up the island flavor.

8. Vintage Cocktail Party

If you really want to go glam for the holidays, host a vintage cocktail party. Ask your guests to come in their best 1920s glam outfits. There are plenty of Christmas cocktails to choose from, including eggnog and peppermint martinis.

Serve finger foods and other easy-to-eat appetizers for your guests to enjoy while they walk around the party. Hire a bartender to make your party feel even more sophisticated. Have a few non-alcoholic drinks available for guests to choose from.

9. White Elephant Party

Is there anything more classic than a white elephant party? If you’ve never played it before, it’s like a twisted version of Secret Santa.

Ask your guests to bring a wrapped gift, ensuring you put a dollar limit on whatever item they bring. Each of your guests will take turns picking out a present to open. Another guest can steal the gift or exchange it as the game progresses.

Your party can definitely get hilarious as your guests get competitive. The goal of the evening is to end up with the best gift.

10. Bring Your Own Tradition Party

Every family has its own sets of Christmas traditions. Some traditions include:

  • Hiding the Christmas pickle
  • Making homemade hot chocolate
  • Having a gift exchange
  • Making a special dish

Whatever your guests’ holiday traditions are, ask them to bring them to the party. This kind of party is a great way to learn more about your loved ones. You never know, one of their traditions may become one of yours.

Use These Fresh Party Ideas This Holiday Season

If you’re out of ideas for themes for your holiday parties, no problem. Use one of our fresh party ideas when planning your next event celebration. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones this year as you host memorable events.

Leave the party catering to us. Contact Kpacho to discuss the menu for your next event.

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2021 Event Catering Trends

2021 Event Catering Trends

With widespread COVID-19 vaccination efforts underway, 2021 is off to a positive start. As more shots get into arms, people are ready to get out and celebrate.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding receptions are all important parts of our lives. After a long year of separation, you want to make sure your first event is a smash. You also want to make sure your guests are safe.

Are you planning your first event in over a year? You’re probably curious about the latest event catering trends. K. Pacho has you covered.

Read on to learn more about 2021’s catering trends and why we’re the perfect spot for your next big party.

Social Distance is the New Normal

Safe gatherings and social distance are the latest trends for catering companies. Vaccinations alone won’t be enough to make people feel completely safe.

Although people are ready to gather, they’ll feel more comfortable at a safe distance. When you book a caterer, you want assurance that guest safety is the highest priority.

You’ll need a larger space for fewer people. K. Pacho has enough space to accommodate your party. We also offer many different dining layouts, and our catering manager will work with you to meet your safety needs.

  • Chef’s Table: An intimate space seating up to 10 guests perfect for a small business event or private family party.
  • Private Dining Room: Normally seats up to 20 guests but is perfect for a moderate-sized gathering with proper spacing.
  • Backroom: This space seats up to 100 guests but can fit 60 socially distanced guests at multiple tables.
  • Main Dining Room: K. Pacho’s main dining room offers guests social distancing in a gorgeous, comfortable space.
  • Bar and Lounge: Our bar and lounge have space for 100 guests and comfortable sofa-style seating for comfortable gatherings.

Staggered Meal Times

Pre-pandemic events were all about gathering as many people as you could in one space. Unfortunately, those types of events are still not possible.

The latest catering trends give you options. Host your next event at K. Pacho and stagger the meal times. Shift dining is a fantastic and safe way for your event to host as many guests as possible.

Between your dedicated dining times, the K. Pacho staff flips and sanitizes the room per CDC guidelines and our own strenuous COVID safety plan.

Social Wrist Bands

Many people spent the last year working from home. If you weren’t able to work from home, you still avoided large social gatherings.

As a sense of normalcy returns, people will have a different comfort level as they gather again. The challenging part while hosting an event is to make everyone feel comfortable.

Some people are ready for close, social interaction. Some aren’t. How do you mitigate that?

A new catering trend is colored wristbands illustrating an individual’s comfort level. Here’s how they work:

  • Red: No physical contact, uncomfortable with social interaction.
  • Yellow: Comfortable with socially distanced social interaction.
  • Green: Comfortable with any social interaction.

K. Pacho’s catering staff will help you distribute these wristbands and work overtime to ensure your guests’ comfort.

Plated Dinners

Buffets, grazing stations, and passed hors d’oeuvres are staples of catering businesses. K. Pacho offers the most creative Mexican-style cuisine guaranteed to please even the pickiest eater.

Your guests, however, may not yet feel comfortable showing themselves to the buffet. Buffet-style service isn’t for everyone, and you have to respect that.

Until people are comfortable, why not utilize the catering trend of individual dinners? These are, of course, nothing new in the catering world. More businesses now offer this style of service to put guests at ease.

The Safety Swag Bag

The swag bag, or goodie bag, is a way you keep your company at the front of any client’s mind after an event. These bags expand your reach and leave your guests feeling cared for and respected.

When you’re inviting strangers to an event, it’s impossible to know what safety precautions they take. Everybody has an opinion on masks and social distancing.

The first thing you should know when booking a caterer is that K. Pacho takes these guidelines seriously. We want all of your guests to have a safe, comfortable experience.

You can take safety to the next level by giving out a safety swag bag to your guests. These bags are a hot catering trend and feature masks and hand sanitizer with your company logo.

Everyone in the room will have a mask to help protect your other guests. Handing out the safety swag keeps you from having to play the role of public safety officer while you’re hosting your party.

Bring Your Party Home

Catering companies and restaurants had to pivot hard in 2020 to stay afloat. Take-out dinners and at-home catering became a part of everyone’s business model.

Service industry experts expect this trend to continue. Why not? An at-home catered party can be both comfortable and fun.

We’ll take your next family event over the top. We offer a selection of family-style meal packages and to-go cocktails prepared by our chefs and mixologists. Let us do the work for your next at-home event.

2021 Event Catering at K. Pacho

The restaurant business and event catering changed so much in the past year. The latest catering trends reflect much-needed comfort and safety.

At K. Pacho, we’ve embraced these trends and set a few of our own. Contactless menus, extra sanitation, and heightened service protocols are a few of the ways we go above and beyond to keep you safe and happy.

Are you ready to book an event in the New Hyde Park area that features the most delicious Mexican cuisine? Contact us today and find out what we offer.